Mike McConnell’s poll with Jane Fernandes in Deafread.com

Deaf Blogs and Vlogs – DeafRead

Mike McConnell The Jane K. Fernandes poll is still ongoing. The question posed on the poll is “Do you still support Gallaudet University’s President Selection

I (John Egbert)  visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 8/9/12

I am unable to find it anywhere in Deafread.com that was there several hours ago.

What happen to Mike McConnell’s poll post with Jane Fernandes as the 9th President of Gallaudet University?

Sneaked out?

I kinda wondered about the real Mike McConnell if he is really a Republican while uses an character like the Democratic leader Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, a sneaky character.

But guess we all know him anyway and you also need to be aware of it.
That’s my opinion.


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