I almost got kicked out of EHDI for having this poster on DBC booth.

Karl White, director of EHDI, came up to me at the booth with a security guard and John Eichwald from CDC to demand me take down the poster in 30 seconds or they kick me out.
I told Karl White that Jean Moog gave her freedom of speech and it is viral on YouTube but Karl threat me or else.

Jean Moog did say this and you can view this YouTube:


  1. Penny says:

    John- Did you take down the poster? If so, why did you do it? What if you refused to take it down? Would you be arrested for if you refused to take down the poster? If they arrested you for not taking it down what would they charge you for? Vandalism…can’t…transpassing? I don’t think so because you were allowed to set booth at conference—if I am correct. I hope one day we will not cooperate to take down the poster and if arrested…bring case to the court. We need to make a lot of noise to get public attention.

  2. johnfegbert says:

    I think that enough noise to get the public attention by Karl White’s attitude was done. We have enough witness at the booth when this happened. There is enough people beside us that are very concerned about Karl White’s attitude and let’s be patience.

  3. Penny says:

    One more thing here, John. Ignore others when/if they tell you how to behave when you want to stand up for a good cause. Deaf community has lack of flavors. Very bad. They only use salt and pepper. In hearing society they have many kind of flavors. Many of them are delicious. Everyone use tactics differently. Some prefer to have dialogue with administrators, some want to march on street to get attention, some want to post bulletin on highways to get the message across, or use for marketing purpose, and some want to hand out pamplets to spread awareness. I can create a very long list.

    If some Deaf people don’t like AFA approach…then great because that way they can create organization or movement and do tactics the way they wanted so we can have assorted flavors and chose what tastes best for us. Deaf community do not have concept about movement. It is really bad. They have a VERY long way to go. AFA respected allies when they wish to attend EDHI workshops, set up booth, meeting people to spread messages why they don’t agree with EDHI and things like that. They can go anywhere…hospital, school, government buildings etc as long they don’t invade others privacy i.e. videotapping patients etc. What AFA did last week was impressive and It showed they created several flavors. Great job!

    I am surprised that some people are demanding answers from AFA immediately. I thought to myself Hey! They just got home from St. Louis. They are human beings and they need time to adjust back home…work…errands etc. They have no sense of giving them little more time to get their thoughts together and answer questions. I wonder why did some people wait and ask questions after protest? Did they ask questions before protest? Did they give AFA monies to make noises in St. Louis? AFA is a tiny organization and boy Deaf people expected way too much from them.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts there. You all did a great job.

  4. johnfegbert says:

    I agree,
    …and it takes all kinds of people to make the world round.

    The big problem is that the many don’t think Deaf people have the dignity therefore can be abused at will.
    If a Deaf person can speak somewhat half as good as a hearing person, maybe they will get the dignity but if a Deaf person is unable to speak well, this is where they are labelled undignified by people like Jean Moog and other organizations against American Sign Language. Jean Moog of St Louis said that if a Deaf person can’t speak, they are not part of the American Culture. These are the people that are dividing us as dignity and undignified group of people begin part of the American Culture.

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