See this news release:


My comment:

I wondered why Plumadore did not kill Aliahna’s two other sisters?

Since Aliahna is Deaf, did she know how to talk speech normally or she uses American Sign Language?

Aliahna was a mainstreamed student at Holland Elementary School and wondered if the school uses bilingual method, American Sign Language and English?

My question should be this, was Plumadore frustrated with communicating with Aliahna which could have lead to this gross murder?

My friend asked me if this is an audism issue and if this should be investigated because, if this was a racism issue, media would surly want to know.  But the sad fact is that Deaf people like Aliahna are not significant enough to be throughly investigated.

I think National Association of the Deaf (NAD) should demand a through investigation as much I think that NAACP would do the same.

  1. Meredith says:

    I don’t think we have enough information to know either way. It seems like jumping to conclusions to suggest it is audism without more information.

  2. avah says:

    We can’t say for sure what happened, other than a horrendous crime by some evil psychopath. The news state that the victim was partially deaf and partially blind, so we can’t say for sure if the child was profoundly or severely deaf or slightly deaf (hard of hearing).

    I hope the sick bastard gets the death penalty.

  3. johnfegbert says:

    True that we don’t have enough information yet… but in the news are saying that Aliahna has emotional problems. Emotional problems is very common among oral Deaf children and it is possible that the man who killed the Deaf girl was because of communication disorder.
    Yes, I am planting a seed in the investigator’s mind about the possibility.

  4. avah says:

    We don’t know if the girl had communication problems, we don’t know if she signed, we don’t know how deaf she was. Perhaps she had an emotional disorder—but that’s beside the point. The guy brutally killed this innocent girl, it would not make any difference to make this into a hate crime or focus on ‘audism’. So what you are saying is that the guy killed her solely because she was ‘deaf’?

    Hopefully this guy will be severely punished or executed for this crime, regardless of why he did it.

    You can’t jump to conclusions like this. How do you know that her ’emotional problems’ were due to her being deaf or hard of hearing?

  5. johnfegbert says:

    My friend asked me if it was audism and it was a good question. I am not jumping into the conclusion yet but when the news said that she got emotional problems, it got me to think that maybe the deaf girl’s emotional problems triggered the man to kill her. I just think that we need to know what triggered the man to hit the girl with a brick.
    And I never said that this is a hate crime, never said that.
    Now let’s be cool and hope that the investigators will find the truth of what triggered the man’s mind to kill the girl and why he did not hurt the other two sisters(not deaf) at that time.

  6. ridor says:

    avah, you’re not licensed psychiatrist to determine whether if the accused one is psychopath. And it is my belief that no one deserves the death penalty. The government simply cannot terminate anyone’s life even if they killed someone else. It is not their place to do so but God’s.


  7. Penny says:

    A person who torture or murder a child is purely evil…no goodness is inside that person. Not an ounce. The world should stand still when a child is tortured or murdered by someone.

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