Yes, true that I was trained to have good skills with speech but I was actually trained to speak good speech…just for the hearing society, not the other way around.

And in fact that majority of the Deaf that were trained to learn how to use speech actually do not have normal speech.  Yes, it’s true that AGBell and its associates demonstrate many of the young Deaf children’s “child”s” speech but reality, they only demonstrate a very few Deaf teenagers because majority refuse to use their speech after experiencing ridicule responds from the society.

Really, AGBell gave false hope to many oral Deaf children and they became part of the large solitary, isolated member of the hearing society. The few successful oral Deaf adult became part of AGBell’s advocate promoting speech and support the parent’s naive rights to make the misguided informed decision not to have their Deaf babies and children to learn American Sign Language and English bilingually.

Regardless how well I learned to have good speech, I will always be “handicap” or “disabled” because of the difficulty to receive “talking” data from the hearing people.

It is not how well your speech is,  it is how well you are able to interact with other person, whether it is speaking/writing/reading with English Language or signing with American Sign Language bilingually.

AGBell’s slogan and advocation…. “Independence Through Speech and Listening” is the main reason why most Deaf people have 4th grade level reading and writing skills. 90% of the Deaf babies and children started with oralism philosophy.

Maryland School for the Deaf do not have 4th grade level reading and writing among High School Graduates and they have better reading and writing skills than the hearing high schools in the area.

See the Deaf DR. Joseph Valente’s captioned YouTube  about Maryland School for the Deaf

Deaf Bilingualism is the Solution.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Language and speech are not the same thing but are closely related. Language is the process of finding the words stored in your brain and constructing sentences or utterances. Speech is the physical part which enables the words found to be spoken. There can be problems is both or either of these areas which can affect communication.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Speech, it turns out, is not a language at all. It is a visual representation of other languages. Cued Speech was developed for the English Language first.

  3. John F. Egbert says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    You say,
    “Language and speech are not the same thing but are closely related”

    That is true, only if it is related for Hearing reality, but not the Deaf reality.

    Think of it this way, Hearing people are like PC computers and Deaf people are like MAC computers. The difference between the two is language “software” capability how we can effectively learn to be auditory speaking or visually communicating as a normal person.

    For a Deaf person to learn to use speech is not closely related same as a Hearing person.

    Look at how many Hearing people can communicate with ASL closely related with Deaf people can communicate verbally at the same rate.

    Yes, anywhere around, you can tell a person using ASL is Hearing and at the same way you can tell a person using speech is Deaf or not.

  4. johnfegbert says:

    I wonder about cued speech, is the data flow rate the same as ASL or hearing speaking?

  5. The language is English. The deaf children who can hear and understand English through it’s spoken mode would use speech to express that language. Speech is simply the sounds you make, the language is much more important. It is possible to have excellent speech and poor language or excellent language and poor speech (like Steven Hawking for example).

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