I Visualize Lip Reading and also ASL

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I gotta tell’ya

Visualizing Lip Reading is harder than Visualized ASL.

I have been visualizing lips for years and actually assumed that reading lips was normal until I finally brave enough to throughly learned to be fluency in American Sign Language.
I actually did learned sign language but not at the level to be a normal to have a communication modality skill as a normal person.
Knowing American Sign Language communication modality level is far different from just knowing sign language using English structure language.
i finally understood when someone told me that you need to know American Sign Language to understand American Sign Language.
So i kept on trying to learn more about ASL(American Sign Language) to be able to communicate like a normal person.  Another words, I was never normal until I learned fully about American Sign Language to be able to have a normal communication modality skill having a normal interaction conversation with another normal human being.
Now I understand why we have two different deaf “community” using American Sign Language and using “English” sign language. It really takes one to know ASL to understand ASL and those that assume that they know but can’t achieve the level of ASL communication modality skill are really frustrated trying to live as a normal reality life.
Really, it took me patience to realize that the fact of what is being said, “you need to know ASL to understand ASL.
How true!
Now I am proud to say that I am truly a bilingual Deaf person.

A Truly Bilingual Deaf Person,
John F. Egbert


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