Should we stop these stupid terminologies of the Political Correctness Identity?

Should we be proud of ourselves as one identity?

If not, then we have a problem.

Instead of being identified Deaf,

Should be we identified politically corrected as hard of hearing or (d)eaf as being colonized?

Or instead of being identified Black,

Should be we identified politically corrected as hard of white or (b)lack as being colonized?

Oh, what about Gays and Lesbian? Hard of straight?

Is it about time we stop this stupidity of being hard of common senses?

What more we need to categorize ourselves into being itself to be politically correctly identified in the society?

I wonder if we need to stop this reality as part of the stupid political correctness-ization culture?

In my opinion, whom ever invented the terminology word “hard of hearing”(….AGBell?) did it to divide the Deaf community and wanted to promote speak and hear(monolingual) as being more superior than those that are bilingual: American Sign Language and English.

Yeah, I “hear” you…….., you say….,  Enough is Enough.

I am Deaf and Proud,
John F. Egbert

“I may speak well but I am never hearing”

  1. johnfegbert says:

    To MM from ‘At the Rim’ blog

    I haven’t gotten any feedback from you and you tell the public that I did not accept feedback from you is a lie.

    Shame on you for lying.

  2. Anonymous says:

    MM from Wale, U.K. from ‘At the Rim’ blog obviously often attacks deaf bloggers for no reasons…MM tried posting comments as audism/abusive on my blog. I rejected the comments, therefore, MM got angry and bitter and attack from his blog which is biased. he must be lonely, depressed and obsession prone. MM is the state of being humiliated!

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