And congratulate each other of their achievement…?

This is the question I got from a Deaf friend of mine.

This question really got me thinking more deeper about the ramification of how Qaddafi from Libya and AGBell from USA of their mission.

This friend of mine which I will not identify but will say that this person is Deaf.  I asked this person why AGBell would be in hell with Qaddafi while AGBell never killed anyone as Qaddafi has in the last 42 years.

This Deaf person really got me to think more deeply about the difference between a death of a person and a person suffering too many years of oppression.  This Deaf person said that death is better off than suffering over the years of oppression because once you die, you no longer suffer.

Oh man, that really got me thinking deeper and how true that anyone suffering badly would rather die than having the pain getting everyday.

Gosh, I hate to think about it but really…And then I went back to thoughts of about Qaddafi torturing many people with death seems far better than how AGBell’s ideology of not having Deaf babies and children to know and learn American Sign Language,  a torturing of everyday living of the limitation to be a fulfilled human being of being able to communicate like a normal person.

The normal life of a Deaf person is the need to be bilingual: American Sign Language and English.  The bilingual Deaf person will be able to learn speech having far more ability than a monolingual deaf person.

That really got me to realize that in comparison with Qaddafi and AGBell, Qaddafi’s ideology tortured its people in the last 42 years with its oppression and it will end with death while AGBell’s ideology of “banning” bilingualism with the still continuing of the on going of starting back over 100 years…and everyday till this Deaf person dies of old age…the years  of suffering of not being able to have a normal communication modality skill.

Yes, I know that I will be attacked by the minority (d)eaf dysfunctional group as much as the minority group supporting Qaddafi but that is how the world is with these tiny insignificant minority group that makes the loudest noise.

The point is this, Is it the well-being of Deaf babies or the ideology of where the money is?

I say, only misguided people will attack me, not the morality people.

What do you normal people have to say about this?

  1. Penny says:

    We know that Qaddafi was ruthless and brutal leader and thousands of Libyans were tortured and suffered during his regime. You asked if he will meet AGB in hell. Maybe or maybe not. I believe in God and I know God will judge us when it is our time. If Qaddafi is severely mentally ill or psychotic then I believe the loving God will not send him to hell. God is just and God is the only creator who will know who belong to hell or paradise. If God says Qaddafi is not mentally ill but pure evil then I believe God would send him to hell. Is AGB in hell right now? We don’t know. What AGB did to Deaf children were brutal and ruthless no question about it. Was he evil or mentally insane? Again, God knows. It is hard not to make judgement when we learned or saw what others went through.

  2. Penny says:

    One more thing, John, is my comment above shows that I am normal or (d)eaf dysfunctional individual? 🙂

  3. johnfegbert says:

    Penny, you are normal.

  4. Joseph Pietro Riolo says:

    There is a lot of wisdom in what Penny wrote. It is always inappropriate to determine where the dead people went or will go.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  5. johnfegbert says:

    True, we both will know for sure when we meet our maker and it is simple common sense where the evils go.

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