Yes, we got the World Series Baseball on now and it is Texas vs. St Louis.

Texas is famous for Bilingualism


St. Louis, Missouri is famous for Mono-lingualism


who are you rooting for?

I am going to support for Texas because of its bilingual ideology…two language for the people whether it is for deaf or hearing babies.

It is well known that St. Louis, Missouri is all about auditory monolingualism for all deaf babies whether they fail of not….its ideology will never change…monolingualism period…Oralism – forbids any visual sign language.

I am rooting for Texas to win the World Series.

Over 100 years of deprivation with Deaf children being auditory monolingual is abusive.

Support Texas Rangers to win the World Series.

If St Louis Monolingualism win the World Series then “St Louis” Oral Capitalism will continue on its self interest ways.

Money wins but truth shall prevail soon….

Deaf Bilingualism is the Solution to all the problems in the last 130 years with Deaf Education….It is time to change.

John F Egbert supports Texas Rangers baseball team.

  1. Paul Kiel says:

    Pardonez moi! I support Cardinals because I have been loyal fan since I could remember. It has nothing to do with what you mentioned about oral/bi/bi. Sorry, buddy! Do not forget that Dummy Hoy played here in St. Louis in 1891 for St. Louis Browns.

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