AGBell’s Desperado Attempt with Recruiting….You Too?

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, it is hysterical that they mailed me a letter with a membership card as a temporary member of AGBell.

I wonder if President Obama has gotten one too.

Yes, AGBell is blinding mailing out temporary membership cards hoping to marketing themselves with thousands, not not millions of (temporary) memberships to promote their cause to be considered as a viable organization to receive donated money and also to mislead thousands of parents to believe that AGBell is a honest benevolence towards their Deaf babies and children in schools.

If AGBell  is successful, why are they not showing the outcomes of their ideology with Deaf teenagers….I mean all of them, not just the pick of the crop(a few).

Would you buy a used car from a car salesperson that don’t know anything about cars?

I think that my parents did….

Your parents too?

We need to help parents to be fully informed to make the final decision for their Deaf babies.

If any parents out there regretted of their decision of being “fully informed” by organizations such a AGBell and its associates and that you as the parents should have  listened to the full spectrum(Deaf Community) about nurturing a Deaf baby or child, please contact me with your experiences and hope we can stop this biased ideology and have all Deaf babies and children to be bilingual: English and American Sign Language so that No Deaf Child will be left behind one way or another.  Contact me,

It’s time to say, Enough is Enough.

“Deaf Bilingualism is the Solution”


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