Can you image that this AGBell board and member would say,
“Deafness is at the same stage as polio…it is a scourge in our world”

This is another sample that Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and its associates continues the publicity stigmatizing about the Deaf such as a scourge in our world and discourage the use of sign language.

AGBell will be at EHDI – Early Hearing Detection Intervention, conference and we in the Deaf community should attend and tell AGBell to stop this subtle propagandizing that the Deaf are the scourge in our world.

Dr. Dimity Dornan A.M. PhD; Ba.SpTh; F.S.P.A.A; CpSp; Cert. AVT®

Dimity Dornan  founded the Hear and Say Centre in July 1992. Dimity is a Speech Pathologist and Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist who was previously on the Board of the Alexander Graham Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language. Dimity is also a past Board member of Auditory-Verbal International (6 years). In June 1998, Dimity received the Order of Australia for her work with children with hearing loss. In 1999 she also received the AMAQ Award for Distinction for Services to Medicine. Dimity was named 2003 Queensland Australian of the Year and 2005 Australian Social Entrepreneur of the Year.  In 2010, Dimity was recognised as Queenslander of the Year.

More in internet about Dr. Dimity Dornan:

  1. Robert Mason says:


    Can we possibly prosecute Dimity Dornan on what charge?


  2. johnfegbert says:

    I don’t think we can prosecute Dimity Dornan because it is freedom of speech and maybe there is no law broken. We need to let the world know that Dimity Dornan is a deficit thinker and an extremist against organic Deaf people.

  3. L. Hockenberry says:

    Yes, Ms Dorman prosecuted charged under UN Conventions:

    Dornan is breaching the UN Conventions (violation of the law):

    Australia has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

    Article 24.3 states that “States Parties shall enable persons with disabilities to learn life and social development skills to facilitate their full and equal participation in education and as members of the community. To this end, States Parties shall take appropriate measures, including..

    24.3:b) Facilitating the learning of sign language and the promotion of the linguistic identity of the deaf community..”

  4. Paul Kiel says:

    Suffice to say it is a WAR now with AG Bell and his cronies! We cannot let them get away with it. As for prosecution, she is practicing genocide and made some veiled threats to the deaf community.

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