I found this while surfing the internet in google, “Cyborgization: Deaf Education for Young Children in the Cochlear Implantation Era”

This author, Dr. Joseph M. Valente was raised oral deaf himself, recounts a visit to a school for young deaf children and discovers that young d/Deaf children and their rights are subverted by the cochlear implantation empire. The hypercapitalist, technomanic times of cochlear implantation has wreaked havoc to the lives of not only young children with deafness but also the parents themselves are indoctrinated into a system that first strips them of their competency through the diagnosing ritual to finally stripping the parents of their own rights to make fully informed choices for their children. The genre of this exposé is DeafCrit, drawing on journalistic traditions of muckraking and the methods of new journalism to report on, deconstruct, and critique the involvement of audist/ableist medical, business, welfare, and education stakeholders in the rise of cochlear implants in young children and how this operation is altering the landscape of deaf education.

This is a very interesting article and you can click on this to read the whole article – http://joevalente.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Valente-2011.pdf


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