The AGBell Plantation Mentality

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Four years ago I started the rumble by protesting the AGBell AVT conference in Virginia because they were against bilingualism and did not want Deaf babies to learn ASL.  And I was surprised that the new grassroots organization, Deaf Bilingual Coalition, that I founded was the first organization ever to protest in public against AGBell.  The Deaf community roared around the world and said that it was about time we stand up against AGBell.

At first, some (d)eaf people complained and scolded the Deaf community and wanted us to ignore AGBell and go on with our lives. These misguided (d)eaf people thought that AGBell had every rights to have their ideology for the Deaf babies and that ideology is oral-only method despite of their hypocrite personality being “neutral” to have information about ASL in their website.

Folks, let’s close our eyes and think of how black people were treated during the plantation era many years ago and that it was legal in United States of America.  Think how hard it was for the black people to have a voice/opinion to be free.  The black people were dominated by the white people.  That is the plantation mentality of what seems to be appropriate by the majority of the white people in America during that time.

But now, majority of the white people realize that mistake they made and now the black people became the Black people and today in Congress, the Black people have the voice for the Black people.

This “plantation mentality” also hurt the women’s rights and the chivalrous attitude by the men towards women was wrong.

The Black people and women stood up and spoke out for their rights to be heard and by damn, the world heard it loudly.

Seems that those minority groups have overcome the oppressors and now we have Black people and women’s civil rights recognized.

But the Deaf people’s civil rights are still being dominated by the AGBell Plantation Mentality.

EHDI – Early Hearing Detection Intervention is also dominated by the AGBell Plantation Mentality.

The AGBell Plantation Mentality is the major reason why Deaf people do not have the “voice” in Congress to improve the Deaf Education that has gone down hill ever since Alexander Graham Bell promoted the oral only ideology for all Deaf children in school in the past 100 years.

Back during the slavery plantation era, some black people started to rumble to have their civil rights to be recognized and they became Black with pride. And many others that were still assimilated as slave continued to be (b)lack.

Today, yes, there are some (d)eaf people that still have the AGBell plantation mentality as “slaves”(colonialized) but since four years ago when I started the protest against AGBell in Virginia, many deaf people became Deaf and proud….just like the Black, and they became proud too.

The Deaf community will prevail against the AGBell Plantation Mentality as long as we expose the truth about AGBell and its associates.


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