Why Come Back When the Virus is Contagious

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

As one former Deafread moderator said, “Why come back when you don’t like what I write?”…..or should we say,  “Why come back when the virus is contagious?”

A contagious virus can be spread by a blogger that writes with the sinister attitude character.

Why take chances when a blogger has a reputation among many Deaf in the community as a demoralizer?

Oh yes, I say that this sinister attitude blogger is so effective with this feeble former Deafread moderator praising this sinister attitude blogger….and seems we really got a feeble former Deafread moderator.

This virus is so contagious that you should read my novel book, MindField to understand what I mean by being the feebles to be drawn by those who subtlety suppress the genuine Deaf people in the community to be hearing.

K….., xxxxxxxxx oops, I meant JJJ or whomever you are,…. stop being so gullible and have pity for these (d)eaf “demoralizers”.

President Obama just said the other day………..”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”……..


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