Some (sinister attitude) bloggers are concern about the Deaf community that they are not being respected despite having anti-Deafhood op-ed or degrading the integrity of American Sign Language on their blogs and so forth.

What’s the difference between sinister and sincere attitude blogger writing about deaf reality?  The difference is how they do the empowering or demoralizing of a Deaf person or community who they are and/but cannot help how they became about to be growing up by an ideology(AGBell) that did not work out effectively in a normal life.

Folks, stand up against those sinister attitude bloggers and just throw away the spoiled candies and rotten coconuts in the sewer.

We are be proud being bilingually Deaf and that is a positive sincere attitude.

  1. J.J. says:

    *They* seem to be a bit negative, but do they really demoralize the deaf community? If they demoralize the deaf community, how so specifically?

    Do you realize that *they* are a part of the deaf community?

    All communities have different segments that disagree with one another just like the African American community where Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farakkahan (sp?) are all probably card carrying members of the NAACP. Disagreements, arguments, and etc..are a part of a healthy discourse if you ask me.

    Maybe a better approach than “tossing them out” would be to simply ignore them and focus on the positives in the deaf community? Like it or not, *they* are a part of our community and here to stay. It is up to us all to deal with it in a positive way.

    Just my opinion….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gina Sutton, Mike McConnell, Richard Roehm & MM – At The Rim – ( Sinister attitude bloggers ) who are trying to capitalize Deaf blogosphere to whiring like the witches. The Deaf community knew about them as known as Whiners club and AGBell’s puppets. They need seek professional help.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey John…. Check it out At The Rim Blog:

    MM posted not make sense, nonsense and sounds like a childish blog…

    See my point and proven that He (MM) need seek a professional help as well…

  4. johnfegbert says:

    Yes, I do not to have anything to do with MM and he is just like Richard Reohm. And I no longer accept Miss Kat’s Mom’s comments too as she is one very confused person and already told her that I do not want her make any comments on my blogs.

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