I was raised as an oralist assuming that Deaf people using American Sign Language were different than me because I did not know any sign language and felt normal in the society that treated me as handicap because I was not able to “listen” like hearing people.  Yes, I can hear but seem unable to fully comprehend what the voice were saying but if I asked those to repeat and repeat again, I was able to feel normal after being understood if they told me what I needed to know.

But the fact is that many people do not tell me what was said after the “train had left” and that is when I went back to the mode of being “left out” or the “never mind” typical responds that I get because I am Deaf and not significant enough to be respected as a human being asking…. “what’s up?”

Well, I finally learned another language that was denied to me since I was a Deaf baby because my parents were told not to learn a visual language by the AGBell ideologue system.

And then I struggled by working HARD to be fluency in American Sign Language, a genuine language that most hearing teachers for the deaf and (d)eaf people themselves never able to achieve the fluency to have the communication modality to interact normally.

When they say that it takes one to know ASL to understand ASL,…. believe me, I mean it.

Just knowing the alphabet fingerspelling and maybe most signs doesn’t mean you know ASL.  Normal speaking English is 180 word per minute, majority of the teachers for the deaf do not have that capability as well as most of the interpreters with sign language.

We Deaf people have to decode our ASL to a sub-level of more English grammar for them to understand us.

This is the big problem we are having with most of the hearing people such as AGBell organizations and their associates telling the media that they know some sign language and know what is best for Deaf babies and children in schools but reality, they speak like a 3 grader level communication modality skills and the big problem is that most of you(society) can’t notice that at all.

Now my mission after becoming bilingual: American Sign Language and English is to expose the fake benevolence character of AGBell as the money making machinery of using Deaf people as disabled that needs to be fixed to be a hearing person.

I have been had and you may still being had by the AGBell’s ideologue but don’t realize it.


Why let these thirsty money mongers(AGBell) take advantage of you as a parent and your Deaf Babies?

Those of you realized that you have been had…. should stand up and speak out the failures of the AGBell ideologues that your Deaf children failed to do.

20% success or less doesn’t make it right to dump the 80% Deaf children with deprived language and education into the society and blame American Sign Language as a reason for those failures.


John F. Egbert

  1. You just said that even experienced teachers of the deaf and interpreters can not fully use ASL, so what hope is there for parents? How are parents going to be language models for their deaf children? How are they going to teach them, communicate with them, help them with their homework? How will they discuss boys and dating? Spirtitual matters? If it is nearly impossible for hearing people to converse in ASL, what happens to our children?

  2. johnfegbert says:

    Miss Kat’s Mom,

    I did not say that EXPERIENCED teachers of the deaf and interpreters can not fully use ASL. This is how you are twisting and spinning around what I am saying in my blog.

    I said majority of the teachers FOR the Deaf do not have the capability having the 100% communication modality skills with ASL.

    But there are many hearing teachers for the Deaf and parents of Deaf children and interpreters that do have the communication modality skills with ASL to have a normal flow of interaction.

    Yes, it is a pity of those that can’t reach the fluency with ASL….and who suffers?

  3. Li-Li's Mom says:

    “And then I struggled by working HARD to be fluency in American Sign Language, a genuine language that most hearing teachers for the deaf and (d)eaf people themselves never able to achieve the fluency to have the communication modality to interact normally.”

    Have to say that this statement is pretty daunting on a few levels but rings true to me. I’m struggling to achieve fluency — definitely not nearly there yet even after family sign and classes. We know my 5YO isn’t getting the level of fluency in ASL, the kind of sophisticated use of ASL at home she needs right NOW, and we are lucky to be able to balance that by providing ASL immersion in the form of an amazing bi-bi school within 2 hours of our home that she spends nearly 4 hours a day riding to and from 5 days a week. But most people don’t have that kind of local access to a school that provides both ASL and an excellent education, and their children suffer because they are pursuing a language that isn’t adequately supported with the level of immersion required.

    And your statement is right in line with one of the strongest arguments we have heard for pursuing spoken language via the access to sound my child gets via her CIs, in addition to ASL: if she were not bimodally bilingual, my daughter’s ability to ‘interact normally,’ as you put it, and to fully develop in her language abilities would be limited — not by the very small population of d/Deaf in the world, but by the far, far smaller percentage of d/Deaf with fluency in her primary language (ASL), to the extent that perhaps even her d/Deaf peers and TODs are lacking in true ASL fluency.

    It’s a real dilemma. Even with the best of intentions and efforts, if new ASL-learning parents find that — as you say — most TODs aren’t fluent in ASL and the local Deaf community consists of less-than-fluent users of the language, this leaves a real gap for our children: who will adequately teach them full and expressive use of ASL while their parents learn by their sides, and their teachers and peers and community are lacking. What do you think is a solution?

  4. johnfegbert says:

    Li-Li’s Mom,

    You are right, this is a real dilemma. Bilingualism: ASL/English is the solution but large organizations and medical that focus on the education of the mouth and ears have the subtle talent in propagandizing that ASL is an inferior language. Majority of the doctors and audiologist tell newly parents not to learn sign language and therefore organizations and Deaf educators are having a hard time to raise money to promote the truth about bilingualism for Deaf babies. In 1880 Milan conference, the hearing teachers for the Deaf took away the Deaf people’s bilingualism identity.

    The solution is to stop those that are discriminating against American Sign Language in a very subtle legal way.

    One thing about learning American Sign Language is not just the signs. The most important part about ASL is the body language. The body language is equate to the tone of the voice. It takes two to tango.


  5. How do you provide language models for the deaf kids while their parents learn ASL? Who will teach them? Who will provide immersive, complex language? What do we do?

  6. johnfegbert says:

    I agree with you about how can parents learn ASL and who will teach their children?

    To tell you the truth, The Deaf community doesn’t have the money to set up a system similar to AGBell’s system with Speak and Listen only ideology. Alexander Graham Bell became a very rich man and provided millions of dollars for an organization with an ideology to have Deaf people to speak and listen without sign language.

    Now many people are being to realize that bilingualism is a better way for Deaf babies and children in schools so that they will not be left behind one way or another. But the fact is the AGBAD is still propagandizing that monolingualism (Speaking and Listening) is the best way and will continue to promote that ideology with their vast wealth income to win the society’s gullibility of what is seemly the right approach for Deaf babies and children in schools that are still having problems education and language since 1880 Milan conference to ban sign language.

    What should you do as a hearing parent? Ask AGBAD why they are against bilingualism for Deaf babies. Help the Deaf community(David) to make AGBAD(Goliath) to accept bilingualism: ASL/English for all Deaf babies at start after birth. It takes two to tango for Deaf people – American Sign Language and English.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Miss Kat’s mom will never understand what all means to her. Only I say that she is confused person. I think she need go to school or workshop and learn in Deaf cuture and many things related to her daughter to understanding about hearing-loss stuffs. FYI, I will never forced CIs to my kids. By the way, CIs is not a cured.

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