AGBell’s Skills With Propagandaizing The Media

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

It takes money to succeed using the naive media sources writing about the success with the ideology of “Speaking and Listening” for the Deaf babies between the age of 0 to 8 and AGBell got the money do mislead.

The ideology of “Speaking and Listening Only” for Deaf babies is still a failure ideology but AGBelll have the skill to manipulate the society with their propaganda to gullibbe-ize via using the media route.

The “Speaking and Listening” ideology is not only used for Deaf babies but the general population as well…..the ideology that also caused 30+ million hearing people to be illiterate.

And I am asking you,… Is “Speaking and Listening” ideology also causing the Deaf education problems since sign language was banned and force Deaf babies and children is schools to adopt the “Speaking and Listening” ideology?

AGBell is not the solution to the problems Deaf babies and children in school are having.

What say you?

Bilingualism is the solution?

  1. RLM says:

    Happy Fourth of July to you and your loved ones and friends!

    Journalists lack the deep knowledge of how the CI mechanisms or AVT approach works. They should not write any “seal performance” (glowing) articles to propagandize the medical-auditory complex.

    Are u meant that “bilingualism is the solution!”, instead of question mark.

    To be blunt with you, If I am a journalist or media player. I would not fully understand what you refer to the ideology of ‘Listening & Speaking”. I would toss your message into wastebasket right away.

    The real problems are with us, deaf people still lack the persuasive writing skill to get the mainstream media to respond and cover our pressing issues.

    U need to expand a little more on the ideology of “Listening and Speaking” approach verus manualism. Why “manualism” works very well as compared to the AVT therapy? U need to back up
    the evidence, ex. numerous scholarly researches proved the natural language of the deaf to be very beneficial for visual-oriented educationg among deaf youngsters.

    We need to learn how to be more specific with media by giving the media people our press packets with all statistics and research backings and costly AVT implementation v. manualism, etc.

    We need to learn how to play real smart to get into the minds and hearts of media people what make them tick and respond.

    Yes, there are the “checkbook” journalism as more “investigative journalism” being faded out in many ways. 😦

    Keep up the good job, John!

    Robert (RLMDEAF)

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