I am one of the 80 percent of the Deaf citizens entering the Deaf Community as being one of the misguided Deaf citizen groomed by their misguided hearing parents.

Yes, 95 percent of the Deaf were born to hearing parents like myself.

But I am one of the five percent, no more than ten percent of the Deaf that could speak well enough to be acceptable in the USA society but nonetheless, it was damn hard.

Let’s discuss about what I meant “80 Percent in Deaf Community were Screwed”.  I came into the Deaf Community as “I once was Lost, Now I am found” but reality, I was one of the lucky ones that continued on learning Sign Language at the age of 19, American Sign Language to the level to have the fluency of having the communication modality of over 180 words per minute.  Majority of the hearing teachers of the Deaf do not even have that communication modality skills of 180 wpm like the hearing teachers have in public or mainstreaming schools.

You may ask, mainstreaming schools have interpreters for the Deaf but interpreters sign in English order signing and no way any interpreters can sign English order communication modality level over 70 or so WPM.  It is impossible,  and you may ask me, “How do you know?”….. I am very fluency in ASL to be an analyst of their communication modality skills and it is like comparing a major professional baseball player skills with a Little league baseball player….no comparison at all with skills between the two!  ASL skills…it takes one to know one.  But a very few interpreters do have the ASL modality skills and there are some few ones out there.

Now back to the “80 percent in the Deaf Community were Screwed” headline of this blog,   many of us came into the Deaf community because we needed to have a normal life and learn a language to be able to communicate at the data rate of 180 or more words per minute to be able to have the normal interaction with another human being….it could be Deaf or deaf or hard of hearing or hearing people that have the full fluency with American Sign Language.

But unfortunately, many of the Deaf people in the Deaf Community still trying to be self-taught to improve their delayed education but many are beyond the stage to being normal because of their language deprivation by the AGBell ideology of the “impossibility” to learn the ideology of “Speaking and Listening” to be “hearing” but reality is that most of us Deaf people failed or should we say that AGBell failed us to be hearing.

How can we rectify this ongoing problems that most Deaf people will never be hearing and it leads them to accept themselves “disabled” because they can’t talk or hear like hearing people?

Yes, there are some (d)eaf people bloggers blogging that we must respect AGBell ideology just because only a few succeed…..like myself to accept their ideology as a success ideology?

And it is my morality and calling to stop this oppressive ideology that most Deaf are not able to achieve to be hearing and we need to have a STRONG BILINGUALISM: American Sign Language and English MOVEMENT for all Deaf babies and children in schools so no one will be left behind in the hearing society.

It should not be what the Deaf child can do for you,  it is what you can do for the Deaf child…and it is to be bilingual.  Deaf babies are born to be bilingual…and to deny that is abusive.

I will say it again, again, and again……ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!…it is time to change the oppressive reality now!

It is time to join National Association of the Deaf http://nad.org/ and be involved with other coalition organizations to get back our bilingual identity.

What say you?


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