What Mikey Mouse meant was to accept how we are being treated by the oppressors such as AGBell giving out scholarship to those Deaf people that are not bilingual: two languages – American Sign language as the Deaf natural rights to visual language and English as the society’s natural rights to the majority – reading and writing.

But this misguided character, famously as Mikey Mouse with the emphasization of big ears….being more important than what is between the ears….Yes, you may say, what a joke.  But remember that this Mikey Mouse is a very misguided propagandist to mislead the public that what the ears itself being more important than what is between the ears of Deaf people. Mikey Mouse’s philosophy is the auditory method to educate the Deaf children in the ears by first educating the ears…hoping… to learn how to learn by listening which has proven very impossible for most Deaf babies and children.  The past 100 years, it has proven that for most Deaf child to learn by listening rather than visually has failed but the society is so naive that they will believe what this Mikey Mouse character and also what Alexander Graham Bell say…all because he invented the telephone which he really didn’t, it was a hearing device for his deaf wife which became to be patented as a telephone by Alexander Graham Bell whom Mikey Mouse idolizes.

So now this Mikey Mouse with its big ears to show its assumption that to know what is best for the Deaf babies and children in school which we are still having problems with Deaf education for over 100 years and the effort of the continuing of telling the public to “Quit Your Bitching”…. just to shut up your righteous freedom of speech of the truth.  But Mikey Mouse knows the Deaf people’s truth as well as AGBell and that is why they continue to misguide the public by announcing the misleading fact that the Deaf community are just “Bitching” and that the public should disregard the Deaf community’s effort to tell the truth of how Mikey Mouse and his guru, AGBell to continue the misleading of public by having the headline, “Quit Yer Bitching”

We, the Deaf Community are not bitching at all but just telling the public the truth.

Maybe we should ask Mikey Mouse what he is bitching about…

Remember, it is not the ears but it is what’s between the ears that many Deaf children are not getting and people like Mikey Mouse brags of playing the piano… could be the devil hurting the Deaf babies and children…?

Again,  it is time we say,  “Enough is Enough”   It is time to be aware of the Mikey Mouse characters are brainwashing the public….”Quit Yer Bitching”  like  Ku Klux Klan (KKK) did back in the old days to the society.  We Deaf shall overcome the oppression of the Mikey Mouse characters and AGBell such as KKK with their propagandizing promotions to destroy the Black community…. as well as the Deaf community’s right to be bilingualism: American Sign Language and English to be a fully productive taxpayer citizen.

I say that it is time to rise from the submissive state of mind that they put us into and raise hell about it….oh, too aggressive?….Oh no, they, Micky Mouse and AGBell has been more aggressive in a very subtle way that it looks like it’s legal oppress the Deaf community…which is not in a morality sense of righteous conception.

Am I wrong?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong? hah! I absolutely agreed 🙂

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