The AGBell Ideology is Speaking and Listening.

The Deaf Ideology is Observing and Learning.

The Speaking and Listening Ideology used to be oralism and oralism was proven failed and this ideology is the main reason why we still have problems with Deaf Education today. This is why they changed from oral method only to Speaking and Listening only method slogan.

The Speaking and Listening ideology is the ideology that actually created 30+ millions of hearing people to be illiterate: can’t read or write here in America.  This same ideology: Speaking and Listening is also being promoted to be use for Deaf babies and children in schools ever since Alexander Graham Bell used his influence to have the Deaf school Superintends  across the USA to ban sign language, the Observing and Learning method to learn how to learn.

AGBell organizations already knows that hearing people learn more by visual than listening according to many research documentations but their beliefs is that a Deaf child should not have any thoughts of other availability such as visual ideology: Observing and Learning so the Deaf child will be assumed that “Speaking and Listening” is the only method to survive in the “hearing” society.

Some of you may say:  “You mean that there is a criminality of how AGBell conduct their principles for their own self-interest?  You decide that and how you think of it will tell us how you think; it is monetary or morality?

It is well known that AGBell focus on generating tons of money to show their “benevolence” and also how gullible the society and the newly parents of Deaf babies became to be by AGBell’s ideology: Speaking and Listening which still have the same ongoing problems with Deaf Education and while AGBell focus on the ambition of getting the few Deaf children(like myself) to attempt to speak like hearing people with the mouth rather than from the brain for their propagandized promotion to enhance their integrity image of their business while at the same time conning the gullible society(you?).

AGBell is all about education of the mouth and ears and the Deaf Society is all about the education of the brain.  But look who have the money to misinform the society and majority of the newly parents of Deaf baby….it’s seems to be well known that it is the AGBell and its associates’ s auditory industries.

You still in doubt?   Why more Deaf children of Deaf parents outperform Deaf children of Hearing parents in language skills?…..and most of these hearing parents that were misguided by AGBell in the first place were conned that “Speaking and Listening” is the only method for a Deaf child to achieve success…aided with adaptive devices?

It is not what the Deaf baby or child can do for you as a parent, it is what you can do for your Deaf baby or child as a real parent.

I wished my parents researched rather than being told “not to learn sign language”
which made my life harder as an oralist till I learned to be bilingual: American Sign Language and English at the age of 19….beyond my normal childhood life.

John F. Egbert

  1. BigBenFactor says:

    “Speaking” and “listening” was around long before the age of literatism (literate).


  2. johnfegbert says:

    I wasn’t talking about “Speaking” and “listening”

    I was talking about AGBell’s slogan, “Speaking and Listening” , not “Speaking” and “listening”

    AGBell wants the parents to be conned that “Speaking and Listening” is the method for their Deaf baby which is why majority of the Deaf can’t read and write beyond 4th grade level.

    Please understand the terminology, SPEAKING AND LISTENING is the problem with the Deaf babies to start with and I was hoping that you would understand that the ideology of Speaking and Listening is the reason why we have 30+ million HEARING People that can’t read and write as well. “Speaking and Listening” ideology is a flaw ideology not only for the Deaf babies but also for the hearing people as well….30+ million illiterate hearing people we have now in USA.

    AGBell adopt this terminology “Speaking and Listening” to hope that the newly gullible parents will nurtured their Deaf babies to be fixed to be hearing but only with the mouth and ears, not the brain….duh. Even some Deaf naive people are gullible too and support “Speaking” and “listening” ideology without understanding its concept.

    Ben, I know that many are so confused and many of the Deaf people trying to explain this to you but be patience and learn Deafhood ideology of why we have so many confused Deaf people.

    This is part of your journey. I went into the journey it too and finally understood what had happened to me and I totally blame AGBell and its associates for misguiding my parents in the first place to have me oral only which I struggled for so many years but now I am finally a normal human being and bilingualism was the solution.


  3. BigBenFactor says:

    Thanks John,
    I will be patience.
    Hopefully Deafhood will too.

    I knew you were talking about AGBell’s new slogan. I misplace the quotation mark.
    I understand your point.

    I support choice. I am weary of the attacks against AGBell. I think
    our primary focus is to educate Parents of deaf babies, kids. Get the word out.

    I know it is being done, but to attach AGBell along with Deafhood’s or DBC’s education is not good idea.
    I also understand how widespread AGBell’s reach is in the public and needs to be dealt with.


  4. johnfegbert says:


    The difference between Deafhood or DBC or NAD….. and AGBell is the honesty of the truth.

    AGBell knows that Deafhood, DBC, NAD and others have the truth that will be prevailed and AGBell is very concerned about it because their ideology with Deaf babies and children in schools is all about making money off of the Deaf.

    It is time to get the wool out of your eyes to realize about AGBell.

    Why AGBell don’t have the statistic of every older teenager Deaf kids and adults of their program or system of the monolingual ideology system?

    I think that it is time to wake up and get the wool out of our eyes and see the truth.

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