Many people do not really know the definition of the word…Oralism.

Oralism is a auditory monolingual only philosophy to train babies that do not have the same hearing ability to learn to speak like hearing people and at the same time denying to have any assists of their availability to use their natural visual capability language to learn how to learn speech as an accessory.

Oralism is like a PC software programmer, ie. AGBell/AVT, as an hacker to manipulate the MAC software operating system(visual language) to force the understanding of the “jargon” PC software program(auditory language).

Deaf babies and children in schools are like Mac computers and hearing babies and children in schools are like PC computers.

The difference between the Mac babies and PC babies is the Mac babies can be easily be bilingual but Mac babies need to have its main Mac operating software to be installed(taught) first to be able to understand the PC auditory based operating software system(English). This ideology(oralism) is like having the horse behind the cart and fail to have any efficiency to be productive.

Oralism is a “philosophy” that is against bilingualism for Deaf babies.  Deaf babies are born to be bilingual which is their Deaf Rights.

I am not against learning speech but adamantly against Oralism procedure for Deaf babies and children in schools.

Oralism philosophy which is being promoted by AGBell and their associates is the main reason why majority of the Deaf people having 4th grade reading and writing skills today starting for over 100 hundred years ago when Alexander Graham Bell promoted to eliminate American Sign Language(anti-bilingual) in Deaf schools across the country and force the Deaf children to be monolingual – auditory English only.

Now please understand why most Deaf/Hearing allies in the Deaf community are against the Oralism philosophy but the not the speech training as an accessory if needed.

  1. Paul Kiel says:

    figuratively speaking, I recall how teachers made us sit on our hands when we were caught signing to classmates. I was caught few times and they demanded that I sit on my hands for the rest of class period. I thought it was stupid. This resulted in my anger towards oral school and its philosophy. Its philosophy was so oppressive and contradicting to the true norms of the deaf culture.

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