Does AGBell have the Terrorist Attitude towards ASL?

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Deaf babies are born to be bilingual but the 1880 Milan Conference voted to disregard visual language: sign language and teach all deaf toddlers and children in schools the monolingual auditory only method all over the world and Deaf education went down hill ever since then.

But the Oralism ideology such as AGBell and its associates knew that oralism failed but what they know is the a lot of money is being generated by labeling the Deaf – disabled – because it fuels the auditory industries.  The word: morality, is out of their vocabulary sense of definition. This show how strong money ideology can overcome the sense of compassion and that is call: Mask of Benevolence…not the genuine benevolence but maybe it should be greed-volence?

A terrorist ideology to win could be violence or politically manipulatory method to seemly that it is “politically legal”, let’s say it is legally to discriminate against American Sign Language and that they can be biased towards visual language, the Deaf Rights to visual language and AGBell have the legal rights to discriminate American Sign Language and say that Deaf people should be fixed to be hearing.  Can you image that KKK have the legal right to discriminate Black people and who knows what they would do to decide how Black people should be.

It is legal for AGBell to “discriminate” towards American Sign Language and we seem to blindly accept AGBell to be the terrorist organization to destroy Deaf culture and its right to visual language: American Sign Language.

All other minority group such as NAACP do not have white people in the admin. level as well as Women group such as NOW do not have men in the admin level and it goes on and on and on…….except the Deaf group – it is dominated by ignorant hearing people that do not know what it is like to be Deaf but surely know how to count tons of money by labeling the Deaf people disabled which not anymore disabled being a women or being black.

Yes, AGBell is the only legal terrorist in the USA denying the Deaf Rights to their bilingualism needs: American Sign Language and English.

We need to tell our Congress that AGBell is legally discriminating our necessity of our visual language: American Sign Language and we need to stop AGBell’s terrorist attitude towards American Sign Language and our bilingualism identity that was taken away and promoted by Alexander Graham Bell.

  1. Deafchip says:

    The AGBell has practiced hate literature against us for more than one hundred years. It’s attempted to destroy ASL and Deaf Culture as part of its practices of linguicism and genocide. I’ve always felt that it’d be banned to prevent any further harmful practices. Thanks for keeping up with your good work.


  2. Paul Kiel says:

    Hey, we think alike… see my video I did two years ago.

    Yes, of course, they are terrorists.

    by coincidence, they did it on September 11, 1880!


  3. MM says:

    So deaf respond in kind ? They should be bigger than that. Rather than expend energy and looking as if you hold a permanent grudge, would it not be more productive to put all this very obvious pro-cultural support, into raising the profile of deaf culture itself ? It’s an ‘war’ that cannot be won….. As I understand your congress and constitution choice is all, I woudl then doubt it would back claims of discrimination, it is just that A G Bell is an more successful promoter of its choice than the deaf are surely ?

  4. deafbell says:

    You are well known as a frustrated oral deaf person that still unable to learn sign language effectively. My advice for you to start reading Mask of Benevolence, depth of who Alexander Graham Bell, 1880 Milan Conference.

    MM, you seems to be very bitter of how you came out to be and you need to accept yourself and please read Paddy Ladd’s book, Deafhood.

    Please be strong and learn sign language that you can interact effectively because we know that you can’t interact effectively like a normal human being with oral deaf or hearing people.

    I am praying for you

  5. Paul Kiel says:

    MM – if you think AG Bell is more successful promoter. He did it with lies and deciet. The truth is shining now on his corruptive ways of the 19th century. It seems you lack understanding of the deaf culture. I am not trying to be rude, I am just trying to see what part of comprehesion you may be lacking.

    You have to be Deaf to understand is the norm! Try to digest on it.


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