Some misguided people like I once was continue to misguide others that we use PSE, not ASL.

What they don’t get it that we are bilingual and we intertwine our bilingual language: American Sign Language and English.

While we all know that ASL is our primary language and also being bilingual with English, we intertwine two languages as much as those that have primary language in English or Spanish and they intertwine the two language among those that are bilingual of the two.

But why those “bilingual” (d)eaf people are trying to disregard ASL as the primary language and establish pse as the primary language for the deaf?

Why are those misguided (d)eaf people such as candy and her clique trying to destroy the primary language of the Deaf – American Sign Language?

Yes, I once was part of the misguided (d)eaf people and once I finally master the fluency of American Sign Language, I finally understood the bona fide language of American Sign Language and became an advocator of Bilingualism: ASL/English – reading and write plus an accessory of spoken English after learning ASL as a primary language to learn how to learn to speak.

I realized that 95% of the Deaf babies were introduced into “Speaking and Listening”, an ideology of Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, from the age of 0 to 8 years old and that is the main reason why we still have Deaf Education problems  as of today since started over 100 years ago by being monolingual – spoken English only.

I think that we all know the truth of why we have problems with Deaf Education but seems that those that have monetary reason making money off of Deaf babies and children in schools continue to let the power of those that have money generated to have their voice heard and we the Deaf community are being shut out.

You know the truth but say, “What can I do?”

I think it is time to say, “Enough is Enough” and learn how to stand up and speak from your heart.

John F. Egbert


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