Regarding about Barry’s Blog – Deaf Trash –

65% of the people(hearing) are visual learners…Deaf are at least about 95% visual learners, if not 100%.

AGBell do not support bilingualism philosophy: ASL/English..obviously, it is too visual.

AGBell supports only listening and speaking:  Learn to listen and understand without lipreading by covering the mouth while speaking, the AVT’s education method. AVT, Auditory Verbal Therapy… The AGBell Trash, The Monolingual-ism Trash…Auditory English Only.

Hey, how about Oppressor Trash vs. Victim Trash?

Barry’s labeling Deaf Trash is actually Victim Trash. Barry’s labeling Deaf Trash is also the by-product of the AGBell Trash, the Oppressor Trash.

Over 90% of the babies born deaf were introduced by “AGBell” oral only method philosophy at the beginning which produced language deprivation for vast majority which caused the “Deaf Trash” – The Barry’s label of those that were victims of AGBell philosophy.

If we are still having Deaf Trash for over 100 years, then something needs to be changed or rectified and the focus is the AGBell Trash.

Deaf Trash is Victim Trash created by AGBell Trash…and Barry seems to support that!

The reason why Barry support AGBell Trash is M O N E Y the possible potentiality.  Hoping to have AGBell’s support to destroy the Deaf Community. And also with support of his cronyism buddies, Mike and its associates.

Time to WAKE UP


  1. Anonymous says:

    “Small-Minded Redneck”

    Vlogger Barry Sewell is only showing he himself is a small-minded person.

    The deaf trash issue is over and there is nothing we can do to change the outcome. We as a society should our best to support the dvtv members that got majority vloggers even if some of us — including me — did not agreed for Barry’s vlog.

    We all knew the AGBell needed a drastic change to fix the problems we are seeing in it, and a lot of us have differing opinions on what that change should have been. Maybe it just comes down to having any drastic change at all will be beneficial regardless of what that change might be.

  2. Wes says:

    The deaf community knew your 4th deaf family geneations, you are an intelligent, smart, wisdom, excellent thoughts, best of feedback. you can use it all for the deaf community needs as we need you to helping us in any ways, and listening very well, however, Barry has goes too far and twisted the many issued.. Hey, Barry, are you lost you mind? and didn’t you realized that your name repuation could be disappeared! Your beautiful family could be in jeopardy! because, whoever, people could be dangerous like a psycho symptom of insanity obsession that might hurt you or your family. That’s my mainly concerns that the deaf community maybe know where Barry’s live, Maybe, deaf community know where you are been right now. Maybe, someone is watching on you, Barry. Please don’t be stupid and think about it! Please watch yourself… The only way is that you have to to say “Apologize” on a video into the public, They may forgiven you that what you have been done…BTW, I love to see your hands on smoking… It meant you are done in vlogger. Done! Congrats Barry! God bless you and take care of your beauitful family, Barry Sewell.

  3. Mike McConnell says:

    One funny thing about barry that he recall vloggers the low education and labeling them deaf trash on his vlog toward into dvtv he certianly said to educate vloggers this point of view what it meant unfortunatly he created a mistake message to vloggers including barry one of them which he is a dvtv member. duh!

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