I watched this documentary movie – Inside Job – and I had flashbacks about AGBell and how naive we all can be when it comes to GREED, auditory ideology only.

Like AGBell, when you have so much money, you could lose your morality value and become THE manipulator with so much focus making money by being part of the “Benevolence” organizations/industries doing more harm than actually helping Deaf babies and children in schools by keeping them from being bilingual: ASL/English.

These gigantic auditory industry complex are collaborating together to fix normal Deaf people in a way that they will always be monolingual – English only – to be invisible in the society without having visual sign language at all cost.

Deaf people are born to be bilingual and look who is stopping the bilingualism…the money-driven people, organizations and industries just like Wall Street.

Rent the DVD – Inside Job – http://www.sonyclassics.com/insidejob/ and you will agree, no question.


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