What is cult?  Are there a good and bad cults?  Do we have aggressive and victimized cult group?

Is Alexander Graham Bell an aggressive cultist? Here is what he is famous for:
1) the chief architect and advocate of the oral/aural only exclusive method in Deaf education in the USA.
2) Banning ASL from the classroom.
3) Banning Deaf people the right to become teachers.
4) Preventing Deaf to Deaf Marriages.
5) Closing down Deaf publications, organizations and conventions.
6) Father of Deaf Eugenics to get rid of Deaf people

AGBell’s famous quote:
“We should try ourselves to forget that they are deaf. We should teach them to forget that they are deaf”.

The list of AG Bell’s aggressive cult personality goes on and on and on.

Now we got this misguided hearing impaired blogger that could be a member of the AGBell Acolyte’s Hood, blogging that Deafhood could be part of the cult.

I think that this misguided hearing impaired blogger is worried that Deafhood is doing a good part helping many lost deaf souls that may have been victimized by organizations that practices coercive tactics, aggressive proselytizing, control of Deaf people’s personal life, family life, financial life, etc to be monolingual rather than bilingual-ASL/English.

This misguided hearing impaired blogger has raised a giant red flag for me to say,
“koconut Mike? No Thanks”

  1. RLM says:

    Just IGNORE Mikey via the Kooknut Pundit at all cost!

    Yes, AGB did cultivate the cult followers based on unworkable ideology.

    Many oral schools of the deaf developed the systematic method for choosing the deaf student based on their family wealth, intelligence level and political/family connections. They did not embrace deaf kids with all open arms to help kids to flourish with education, mental and intellectual and social development.

    If the deaf kid happen to be real intelligent, but not able to speak orally very well and admit that student anyway.

    If the deaf kid happen to be not able to speak at all, but comes from the wealthy family. The kid will be immediately admitted for $$$$. The oralists did not give any fuck about the kid’s well-being and educational needs. Just wanted his family’s $$$.

    The signing school of the deaf welcome all kinds of deaf kids in despite of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

    The oralists (oral school staffers) often spied on deaf kids when they went into town for their town privileges to catch any kids if they use sign language. The kids faced severe punishment, ex. physical and emotional abuses.

    Why the Volta Bureau got renamed as the AGBell in the first place? That is definitely seen as the cultish stuff. 🙂

    Who give any shit about Mikey and his Kooknut Pundit blogs?

  2. John F. Egbert says:

    That instigator should not be ignored as if it’s a termite.

    These termites can destroy the foundation of Deaf Culture, Deaf Community. And also termites can multiply creating acolytes. These acolyte people are loners and you don’t see them in the community with other Deaf people. Many of these acolyte minnows are his commenter.

    Sorry, KoKo-TERMITES should not be ignored. Very subtle destructive characters.

  3. RLM says:

    I do agree with you, John if we have to do the counteroffensive against ignorance and self-hatred. 🙂


  4. Ben says:

    Hello John,
    I know your side.
    I just want to share my opinion here.
    I believe that #6 really should be written as, “to rid of deafness”, or “to cure deafness”.

    I am aware that there is nothing wrong with being deaf, no ‘buts’ a out it.

    I believe that AG Bell’s intention was good, and honest. I doubt that Bell even thought about views you believe in today. Poor Bell. I do not think he tried to do this out of malice.

    Just old way of thinking.


  5. johnfegbert says:

    I don’t think ‘good intention’ deserve acceptance by others.

    It is all about the consequence or ramification as the result from ‘good intention’

    President Bush had ‘good intention’ to invade Iraq but the devastating ramification was huge.

    Alexander Graham Bell went around the country telling Deaf school Superintendents to stop sign language and start oral only method to educate Deaf children was a HUGE, HUGE devastating ramification which is the main reason for our low education skills.

    We Deaf people as our natural rights were bilingual in the first place and with AG Bell’s propaganda of banning ASL starting over 100 years ago ruined Deaf Education.

    Ben, let I ask you this, did AG Bell really have good moral intention or was he just plain stupid and we should forgive him?

    AG Bell’s ideologue is still going on today being propagandize everywhere that Deaf people should not be bilingual-ASL/English from the age of 0 to 5.

  6. Ben says:

    AG Bell may have been stupid. He and many people did not have good information back then. I do not think he really did serious research to make such statements. What do I know.

    I believe that the focus should be on those who are running AG Bell Foundations, rather than the founder. He is long dead, those that run it are keeping that ‘ideologue’ (as you say it) alive. Target them. Better yet, ignore them (with the exception of their letter writing campaign, for example, their letter to Pepsi – then respond). 🙂

    I grew up in an Oral Education Sys~em. I do not go around advocating it. If one asks me for my opinion on that sys`em, I would give my positive opinion, but I will also tell them the positives of ASL as well. I do agree that beautiful deaf babies should learn sign language at first, improve that skills along with English ‘Read/Write’ and eventually try at speech therapy. If those that can’t understand the concept of speech, then don’t press the matter; for those that have the ability of speech, then nurture that. My opinion.

    I do not think AG Bell is a ‘Cultist’, nor is Deafhood a ‘Cultist’. Democrats and Republicans differ on political views, Christians and non-Christians differ on Biblical facts, Socialist and Capitalist differ on Government types, to name a few. Same with AG Bell and ASLers, they too differ on Education system for Deaf Babies.

    John, keep on promoting ASL for Deaf Babies. After all, that was what the DBC’s original intentions were. May your ‘good intentions’ to educate ASL for Deaf Babies, lead to positive ramifications throughout the world! Just focus on reaching out to parents of Deaf Babies and promote ASL without attacking AG BELL, the organization (don’t even mention them), by focusing on Deaf Charter schools promote Bi-Bi and the Institutions in every state.
    Of course they will ask about the Oral program, but continue to not mention “AG Bell”, unless the parents mentions it. Do not give it air time. 😀


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