The whole SheBang of all the reason why WE ARE STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH DEAF EDUCATION today is because of the ideology with Alexander Graham Bell’s advocated to the Superintendents of the Deaf schools across America to stop sign language and start teaching oral only method MANY YEARS AGO.

And now we got this Mickey Mouse(BIG EARS) colonialized hearing impaired blogging the society to respect Alexander Graham Bell while actually his intention was to destroy the Deaf people’s right to natural language, American Sign Language and want the society to understand that the 120 year difference should be “FORGIVEN”…???

I  don’t see how any sane person should go around blogging the Alexander Graham Bell should be forgiven because of what happened is too many years ago… but do you realize the fact is that the ideology of AGBell still going on today.

Let me repeat that again,
Alexander Graham Bell’s ideology still EXIST and DEPRIVING  Deaf Education today- BECAUSE OF MONOLINGUALISM-ORALISM ONLY IDEOLOGY!

I suggest that this Mickey Mouse blogger to ask Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, his admirable organization, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf to change the name of this hypocrite organization to “Oral Only Method Association for the Deaf” or maybe “Anti-ASL Association for the Deaf” or maybe, better yet “Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Medical Industry”.

Here is my message to this “confused” Mickey Mouse colonialized hearing impaired blogger….

We Deaf people will never forget what Alexander Graham Bell has done to the Deaf babies, children in schools, Deaf adults in the society in the past 100 hundred years  any more than of all the Jewish people have in their memory of what Hitler has done less than 100 years ago.

Regardless how you define eugenics with Alexander Graham Bell’s actions, his ideology still being premeditated in the Deaf Education system today…which is STILL A GIGANTIC FAILURE!


  1. A Recovered Oralist says:

    Like I said that you cannot fix stupid.

    I agree with your comments about AG Bell.

    We need to remind the future generations the evil deeds of his regime and cronies.

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