The Colonialized Hearing Impaired’s Fear of Deaf Culture

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Phobia. That word comes from the Greek word ‘Phobos’ which means irrational fear. Do many Colonialized Hearing Impaired have them?

Some colonialized hearing impaired bloggers do not want to be identified as Deaf people or being part of the Deaf Culture and is it because of having a phobia character?

Here’s my question. If you are a colonialized hearing impaired, do you have a phobia of Deaf people or their Deaf Culture?

Maybe not.

I think it is more of a superior attitude rather than phobia.

There are some people that just can’t help it having some kind of a phobia problem and we should show compassion but there are those that enjoy having the superior attitude and definitely have a serious problem.

It is best for these certain colonialized hearing impaired people to continue on their lives in the hearing culture with their glorified superior attitudes and stop playing sadistic blogging games about Deaf people and their Culture.


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