Again, this misguided hearing impaired blogger is out to confuse the public if Edward Miner Gallaudet is an ASL/Sign-only extremist. And I also appalled that this hearing impaired blogger also setting up a poll….for whatever the hell he/she is trying to accomplish if Edward Miner Gallaudet is an ASL/Sign-only extremist.

Let me explain that there are no, I repeat again, NO ASL/SIGN only human being in this country.  Everyone of those Deaf people that uses ASL are bilingual, ASL and English.  There are no American Deaf people that do not know English of any degree.  Yes, we know that there are over 30 million hearing people that are illiterate, they can’t read and write English but they know how to speak English.

Now I ask you why in the hell is this lunatic hearing impaired character trying to achieve with a poll if Edward Miner Gallaudet is an ASL/Sign-only extremist when all of us sane Deaf people knows that Edward Miner Gallaudet is bilingual, ASL/English.

What a joke!! This guy ain’t got no common sense!!!!!

I am sure that this hearing impaired blogger will come back with an irrational excuse for his stupid post…as usual.

  1. Nothing is new with Mike McConnell. He’s a nutcase.


  2. A Recovered Oralist says:

    I agree with you, John.

    I also agree with Ridor.

    That hearing impaired nutcase is stuck on his HIGH horse! We need to push him off the horse.

    He is plain stoopid and you know that we cannot fix stoopid!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. A Recovered Oralist says:

    It seems like Candy is moving to the nut house.

    See her comeents when she sent it to me. I am laughing about it as she is barking up the wrong tree.

    Candy –
    I guess you are barking up the wrong tree.
    Your comments in e-mail was not appreciated.
    “I think you and sox fan are one and same.
    Just a warning here, I will not post any of your comments if you continue to use more than one email address and/or IP. I’m not interested in playing games and I’m only interested in blogging with integrity.
    I am open to allowing all views on my blog but when one abuses it, I have no choice but put a stop to it.
    You should know, by reading my post that I don’t do things like that. Email groups going after people, playing games and doing anything that does not have integrity.
    Have a good nite
    That sounds like a paranoid woman.

  4. johnfegbert says:

    To A Recovered Oralist


    She is definitely a nutcase.

    I see that your ip is from Missouri and I am in Minnesota.

    Don’t let that woman worry you and I feel sorry for her family.

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