Me… Sox Fan?, No, My name is John Egbert

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Candy replied to me as Sox Fan but my name is John Egbert

I expected her reply and got this from her blog:…….

Sox Fan..

I cannot approve your comment because I’m not going allow my blog be a place for people to use to respond to others. Reasons are: 1) your comment has NOTHING to do with this post about “extremist”, 2) Mike McConnell is entitled to his own views politically and if you are responding to his post about Deaf Echo, then you have two recourse – you can leave a comment over at Deaf Echo since it is related to their post or you can create your own blog. While Mike and I do not hold the same views all the time, just because I disagree with him does not mean I will allow comments in response to him here because as I have stated, it has nothing to do with the topic of my post here. 3) It is possible your comment is in spam. How Mike controls his blog is his business.

I’m sorry. But, if you have input in regards to the topic of this post, I will allow it as long as it isn’t extreme. ;o)

Above comment is from Candy


This reply was to Candy but rejected;

February 26, 2011 1

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

We are still having enormous problems with Deaf Education and I ask you…what is the solution the the problem?

Seems that the solution of yours is let the parents make their choice from input of whomever that is still screwing up the whole shebang ideology making money off of the parents and their deaf children.

What we really need is the complete statistics the majority of all the teenagers and young Deaf adults that most of the parents assumed they did the right thing….listening to the monetary focused ideology of how Deaf children should be assimilated as part of the spoken society without any other language such as American Sign Language.

I am for the betterment for all Deaf babies and children in schools.

Candy, what is yours? Seems you made a mistake of your coalition dogmatic ideologue with Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell doing the enjoyment of suppressing the successful achievement of the integrity Deaf people trying to help parents and their deaf children.

Me, I say shame on you. You are really a nobody doing nothing in the community such as attending EHDI to help parents and their deaf children as I have.

John Egbert

………. To Candy(Gina S.)

I think that it is time to help deaf babies and children in schools and stop this self-centered egoistic achievement of yours along with your friends trying to keep the problems with the Deaf Education to continue on that we been having for the past 100 years..

Enough is Enough.


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