Alexander Graham Bell was an oral extremist and damaged most the Deaf people’s well-being as a normal person for many, many years.

AG Bell did not understand how education works and he was just an ideologue, the worse kind ever to Deaf humanity in history!

AG Bell’s ideologue was to teach Deaf babies oral speech first before learning a language which is the most absurdity concept method of education.

Let me explain why it is the most absurdity concept of AG Bell’s ideologue.

Let’s suppose you walk into a classroom at a University or any education school to learn Spanish and you will notice that the professor or teacher is using English language to teach you Spanish. And you interrupt the teacher and ask this question, “Why don’t you teach us how to speak Spanish without using English language or for that matter, any language and try to educate us how to speak Spanish by speaking Spanish to us and let us learn the Spanish language just like we all do to all of the babies.  The babies learned to speak English with this concept of learning English by listening.

The professor explained that the best and fastest way to learn how to speak Spanish is by educating with another language, the bilingually concept, otherwise it would take years to learn how to speak Spanish and its language without any help of another language. The professor explained that you cannot effectively learn how to speak and learn a language such as Spanish without any bilingualism concept help such as English.

Ladies and Gentleman(parents),  this is why AG Bell’s ideologue of teaching Deaf infants to speak English and eventually the language itself is very frustrating and takes a very long time, if any achievement results.

Today, all of us know that you can teach hearing babies sign language to start developing cognitive skills to learn how to learn before they are able to learn speech. Research has proven that hearing babies knowing sign language can learn how to speak far better and faster than those babies that did not have any sign language education.

Don’t you think that all Deaf babies should learn sign language first before getting into the jargon reality of learning how to speak?

The ideologue of Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and their associates could be doing more harm than good to Deaf babies and it is obvious because we still have enormous problems with Deaf Education still as of today since the start of AG Bell’s propaganda with oral only philosophy at start.

It is time to promote bilingualism: ASL/English for all Deaf infants at start.

John F. Egbert

  1. Marvin Miller says:

    Well said, John. AG Bell Society has convinced the world that its okay, in fact desirable, to deprive Deaf children’s natural capacity for real language — American Sign Language. They have successfully framed this as “oh, you can learn ASL later with no damage if you want.” They also have successfully inoculated parents and professionals to the idea of depriving Deaf child’s first language = forcing kids to practice for hours on piano. By forcing their kid to practice a lot, the parents can then be considered as a good parent.

    The problem: Piano practice IS NOT the same as forcing Deaf child to hear/speak. It’s like duct-taping a child’s hands and arms behind their backs and ear-plugging them THEN force them to play beautifully on piano for hours. Not going to happen for a lot of kids.

  2. Clearly you have never been in an foriegn language class, including ASL. They, in fact, do NOT use another language to teach. Immersion is fastest and best way to learn a language, no question.

    If you want to learn ASL, surrond yourself with ASL users. If you want to learn spoken English (make sure you have access) and jump in.

  3. johnfegbert says:

    Miss Kat’s Mom,

    So you are saying that AG Bell ideologue is the best way to teach Deaf babies to speak and disregard bilingual method to teach babies to learn.

    I will let the other readers to write their opinion.

    Clearly you are not fluent in ASL to understand the value of bilingualism, no question.

  4. deafa says:

    You need a language first to understand the concept of another language. Most deaf children don’t have full access to their first language which suppose to be spoken English….especially back in AGBell days. Yeah, it was horrible that AG Bell walked up and stripe away their first language where they were not allowed to learn and thrieve in their language (I think it is cruel when parents do that to their children and expect them to start at square one in spoken language just because they have CI) and expected the rest to use spoken English as their first language which result language delay. Therefore if they were to learn ASL later, they would have difficulty understanding concept of ASL as well

  5. Dianrez says:

    Immersion is one method to teach a language, but we are mindful that we are talking about DEAF children, with a major avenue of learning language missing.

    ASL is a visual language well equipped for all the tasks of any auditory language.

    Having a prior language base is helpful for learning a second language. If one already knows Spanish sign language, it is easier to learn ASL.

    Trying to learn a language through a defective sense of hearing, or trying to learn it when only one-third of it is visible on the lips, is a prescription for failure.

    So, immersion is only appropriate for HEARING people to learn a second language. For Deaf children, it is at best a supplementary method, not to be the only one.

  6. MM says:

    Can ‘hearing’ or even ex-hearing EVER adopt the immersion approach Dianrez ? I’ve been deaf 36 years and NEVER seen it happen in deaf terms or language, even those that mastered sign, not to confuse sign knowledge and skills with cultural identity ! Some of the best signers I ever saw were hearing…..

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