ASL Extremists?

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

How do you define ASL Extremists?

It is sad that this woman(AB2072 Supporter) from Chicago area as a commenter on a misguided hearing impaired blogger is so confused.

She also even quoted, “Deaf Extremists” in her comment…what a joke!

Majority of the Deaf community are Bilingual Advocators, not ASL(only) Extremists and most of us know that Bilingualism: ASL/English is the SOLUTION to all the problems with most Deaf babies and children in schools TODAY.

The label, “ASL Extremists” indicates that the person is for ASL only and I believe that this confused woman(AB2072 supporter) wants to mislead the public and destroy the Bilingual Advocators’ mission for better Deaf Education and recognize the bona fide language-ASL that was banned by Alexander Graham Bell’s advocation.

Maybe this confused hearing impaired woman is a hired AGB Extremist.

She needs to stop eating candy and stay away from cocoNUTS.


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