Now we have this misguided hearing impaired blogger going around telling the public that we should respect AG Bell of all the technology we have now.

The truth needs to be told and I will give links and other information that is now in google.

AG Bell did not invent the telephone, but yes he was working on an amplification device for his hearing impaired “handicap” oral wife and his intention was not actually to develop a telephone for hearing people.

If you want to know the truth about Alexander Graham Bell and how the telephone was invented, you will need to go further than what this misguided hearing impaired person hoping to have us to glorify this fraud inventor, Alexander Graham Bell and that is for you to get this book, The Telephone Gambit by Seth Shulman. It is available in Amazon.

And also in 2002, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill conferring recognition for the invention of the telephone to Antonio Meucci.

To read what people have said about this book, The Telephone Gambit, see this link,

Alexander Graham Bell did more than just trying to develop a hearing device for his “handicap oral” wife.

Here is some of what Alexander Graham Bell attempt or have achieved:

1)   the chief architect & advocate of the oral/aural only exclusive method in the Deaf education in the US.

2)   Banning ASL from the classroom

3)   Banning Deaf people the right to become teachers

4)   Preventing Deaf to Deaf marriages

5)   Closing down the Deaf publications, organizations and conventions

6)   Father of Deaf Eugenics to get rid of Deaf People

There are many more stories of what  Alexander Graham Bell has done to the Deaf community in google and surely  you will find some misleading information such as this hearing impaired blogger also attempting to make Alexander Graham Bell to be so honorable but did devastating damage to the Deaf education and the Deaf people’s natural language.

To tell you the truth, for what Alexander Graham Bell has done to the Deaf community, people, children, babies in the past of over 100 years is horrible in perspective of how much damage to the possibility of the well-being of the Deaf people that could have had…and we are still trying to overcome this whole shebang of what Alexander Graham Bell has created as still of what’s going on today!…the stigmatization in the society they have about Deaf people.

John F. Egbert

  1. Paul Kiel says:

    John, thanks for sharing the story about AG Bell and his lies about telephone invention. I made this video five years ago highlighting the lies of AG Bell.

    Here is the link:



  2. Deafchip says:

    TWO THUMBS UP! Thanks for bringing relevant information to the public. The public has right to know about dark side of A G Bell.

    A. G. Bell’s parent’s home where he once lived for a year in Brantford, Ontario was my neighbour about a thousand feet away in 1992/93. I have NEVER visited his haunted museum because it has a full of lies and pains.

  3. patti says:


    thank u for editing out that part

    re: the Telephone Gambit – it is an outstanding book. i thought it would be too technical for me but it is explained clearly offering a great deal of proof and thorough investigation. Shulmann had set out to research about Bell’s invention and its contribution to our world in a favorable light but when he made the discovery that Bell’s diagram of the phone was added later in the margins and looked like elias gray’s which was a very unusual way to depict things and the fact that Bell’s journal re: his various attempts NEVER mentioned the use of a liquid as a transmission until AFTER bell’s visit to DC and the patent office led Shulman to become very suspicious and the more he dug the more he found. he sincerely seemed disheartened to have to draw the conclusion that bell did STEAL and PLAGARIZE

    deceit ain’t sweet

    but it was lucrative

    from my read of Shulman’s and other source – i dont see that Bell was trying to invent a hearing aid. rather his interest in “visible speech” (his father’s brain child) and Deaf education did make him interested in how sound and in particularly – how speech was carried and transmitted

    The Telephone Gambit it a definite MUST READ

    thank u again re: revising ur post



    its a very illuminating book.

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