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Who’s “THEM”??????

Everyone knows “THEM’ are the main reason why American Sign Language are being marginalized for over 100 years.

These “THEM” people continuing on the propaganda that American Sign Language(ASL) is the main reason why Deaf Education failed for the past 100 years but reality, over 90% of the Deaf infants and children were “forced” to be monolingual(hearing and speaking English only) in the past 100 years and these “THEM” people are accusing American Sign Language to be the problem which is all bullsh*t and you know it!

And still many Deaf/Hearing people in the society continue to let “THEM” to dominate the media, blogsphere, deaf aggregators, giving out false information to misguide the society about American Sign Language.

Now, I say again to you all Deaf/Hearing people, “YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US”.

Me?, Hell No, I am not with “THEM” and I even stop eating candy and continue to advocate bilingualism: ASL/English for Deaf infants and children in schools.

It is time to STAND UP FOR your Deaf Civil Rights.

Damn Proud Deaf Bilingual U.S.A. Citizen

John F. Egbert


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