Unfortunately, He is still a Loose Cannon

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Under Candy’s blog – http://candysweetblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/who-is-insidious-and-evil/

Amy wrote her comment about

“not enough credible blogs out there to present facts to promote change the system, promote positive things that is happening, and promote achievements.”

And I agree that we need to start changing how we write our blogs to more constructive and positive approach to resolve issues that we have in the Deaf community.
And I am disappointed that Barry refuse to go along and still wants to be a “Loose Cannon” ever since he started his blogging during the summer of 2008 with Amy’s input.

Here is Amy’s comment which I respect,

abcohende permalink
January 9, 2011 10

Speaking for myself, not representing any entity, company, corporation or whatnot…

This is getting too old.

You can continue blogging whatever you want and it is up the audience to decide if we want to read your blog and how we share our opinions.

The biggest problem is… not enough credible blogs out there to present facts to promote change the system, promote positive things that is happening, and promote achievements.

All is about nitpicking and navel gazing.

That is getting very tiresome. How can we make progress with this kind of bickering?


Amy Cohen Efron

And here is Barry’s comment which tells me that he seems want to have the  “Loose Cannon Character”:

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January 10, 2011 4

Candy, it’s the classic battle between an open society and a closed one. The open society’s clearly winning and people like John Egbert and Dr. Don Grushkin are clearly the unhappy campers. They have a choice but unfortunately they hand-picked the camp they are in so it’s their problem.

Amy, I have so much respect for you and I hope you know that. That has not changed. You are the one who introduced me to v/blog sphere and encouraged me to share my insights with the world. You even gave me tips on how to produce successful v/blogs. Thanks to you, I had a great mentor. As a former v/blog student of yours I felt the need to tell you something.

Upon reading you say “this is getting too old” I had to wonder if you’re getting soft on me and others. If you’ll remember, you used to tell me how you’d admire me for being independent-minded and how you liked my ever-so persistence & stamina in my “standing up” for what I believed in. You smiled and cheered me on when I kept nailing my points home. A year passed before you asked me to chill out. Not in these exact words but you basically asked me to chill out because you were hoping that things would calm down in time before NAD had their convention two years ago. You had a vested interest in NAD and tried to rein me in such way that would help you look good. Naturally I understood and I agreed to help by toning down. You tried to tone me down several times until you realized I was too independent for that. As some time passed I could not help it but notice how you would think you had some kind control over people by encouraging them to open up and then discourage them at some point down the road. I’m seeing this pattern coming from you here and there. I decided against saying anything about it until now.

You seem to think that you’re able to cheer people, including me, on and then turn their rhetorics off when you wanted them to. I’m sensing the same thing happening here in this thread.

This is getting too old? Perhaps it’s old for you but you can not and should not assume that it’s old for everybody else. In short, it may not be old to others. Like you pointed out, it’s up to the audience if they want to read / view our v/blogs and how we share our opinions. I’d like to remind you of your criticism on lengths of my videos. You used to tell me that my videos were too long and that viewers would find it boring because it was too long. You suggested that I keep them short and “to the point” in order to maintain viewers attention span. I didn’t listen. Not because I disrespected your advice but because I just could not and did not know how to leave out details that I felt were important. I always sensed that people were appreciative of details. Fortunately for me and my fans, my vlogs turned out to be very successful. People are screaming for more videos from me. The limit used to be 10 minutes long. I used to max out these minutes. The limit has been increased to 15 minutes and I continue to max them out with great success. It taught me one thing. Nothing is ever old or boring for as long as we provide our viewers with the details they deserve.

Your focus in your message to Candy seem to be about credibility of these blogs. You wanted to promote changes, change of system, promote positive things and promote achievements. You seem to think and believe that these blogs are all about nitpicking and navel gazing. I agree with you however I’ll point something out for you. The problem is not solely limited to lack of credible blogs. The problem lies within the mindsets of the people that control changes and systems. The problem also lies within those that depend on it changes and systems. Change the mindsets and you’ll see results. Any changes that we make in the system would prove to be futile if we are unable to change the mindsets of the people.

In other word, there is no such thing as “old” when we try to change people’s mindsets. People’s mindset are one of the most difficult thing to change and surely you know that. Keep talking about it again and again and again. That’s when we’ll begin to help people open up and realize the things they need to realize. Once we’re over that we will have the backing and support to change the system in an unanimous way.

As a former student of yours, I hope you’ll take my word to heart.



My comment for Barry,

I think that it is time to stop of what you started since during the summer of 2008 and start helping Deaf babies as you said that you wanted in the first place with a mature attitude.


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