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Oops, looks like my comment was too realistic for Candy’s http://candysweetblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/asl-a-valid-language-part-i/

So here I post  it on my blog, John Egbert’s Opinion blog…

here is the comment I left for Candy but she would not post it.

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January 7, 2011 12
I think some people may be confused when they see “PSE”.

PSE is an acroynym for “Pidgin Signed English.” The word “pidgin” means a mixture of two or more languages. In this case to say “I sign using PSE” means you sign in English word order with ASL mix thrown in. Nothing to it. Nothing hard or mysterious about “PSE.”

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January 7, 2011 1
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Candy, you said,

Of course everyone has variation of order of SVO and it’s not like they are aware of the rules, it is whatever suits them.

I can say:

Store go buy cake me

Store cake me buy go

Cake store me go buy

Cake me go buy store

Buy cake me go store

Me store go buy cake

Me cake go store buy

Go store me buy cake

Go buy cake me store

Me go store buy cake


Candy, where is the body language to each of these lines?

In English, we have the words plus the tone to the words,

In ASL, we have the signs(words) plus the body language,

this what makes a complete language.

Sounds of the word plus the tone for English


Signs of the “word” plus the body language for ASL


auditory English is a language,

visual ASL is a language.

It takes two to tango… tone or body language…… sound of the word(tone) and body language (“tone”) of the word.

PSE is not a language, it is a visual reading mode.

It is time to respect ASL and we Deaf do respect English.

We Deaf need bilingualism: ASL and English

No need to eliminate one or another for Deaf babies and children in schools.


January 7, 2011 1
??? Huh? Are you saying those can have multiple meaning? They all seem to mean the same.
I can do the same in english if I speak it aloud.
I’m going to the store today
I am going to the store today.
Today , I am going to the store.
The store is where I am going today.
I could go on…..


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