John Tracy Clinic Rejected Parent’s Deaf Child

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last Thursday I gave a presentation to parents and Deaf children from the Metro Deaf School at a Barnes and Nobles bookstore about my novel book, MindField.  After the presentation, many parents talked to me about signing the books they brought from Barnes and Nobles which gave Metro Deaf School some donation money.
One parent explained to me about their experience with John Tracy Clinic and was surprised about John Tracy Clinic’s discriminatory attitude towards American Sign Language.  I asked the parents what had happened and they explained that John Tracy Clinic asked them to fill out a form regarding their Deaf child’s history, etc., and according to one of the questions asked, the parents wrote down that their Deaf child started to learn sign language at the age of 10 months and want to continue the bilingual method.  That’s what prompted the John Tracy Clinic people to tell the parents that their Deaf child is not welcome to attend John Tracy Clinic school.
We all know that John Tracy Clinic, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf , Option Schools and many other similar organizations, harbor discriminatory attitudes toward American Sign Language and bilingualism: ASL/English, but what bothers me is that they try to portray themselves as being benevolent toward Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing children.
The John Tracy Clinic people need to read this article, to learn that this idea of teaching sign language to hearing children will benefit in a more positive direction toward the enriching of people’s lives.

And also we need to start a movement to stop the discriminatory attitudes towards American Sign Language.  John Tracy Clinic, AGBell, Option Schools are not the only ones that display discriminatory attitudes towards American Sign Language, there are many audiologist, doctors at the hospitals doing the surgeries to fix deafness telling parents not to learn or teach American Sign Language. Medical Professional people SHOULD NEVER tell (brainwash) parents not to learn American Sign Language and that is my moral opinion.

John F. Egbert


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