My Reponds: Why did CAD Chapter President use his voice at AB2072 hearing?

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mike McConnell wanted to know why Tim Riker, a bilingual Deaf person was using his voice at the AB2072 hearing.

I commented on his post but not sure he wanted to post it so I had to make this respond on my blog so everyone will know why Tim Riker as well as myself do use our voice to be the messenger to the hearing audience.

Here is my respond:

It is obvious that Tim Riker choose to be the messenger rather than the interpreter to give the message.
Many of us know that the interpreters do make mistakes interpreting our ASL.

I use my voice to give my presentations to hearing people because I want them to feel my messages.

We all know that interpreters do not speak our tone(feelings) of our messages.

I am sure that you, Mike, do know why Tim Riker as a bilingual Deaf person choose to speak verbally to the legislators but what puzzles me is that you want to know why Tim Riker spoke verbally to the legislators.

I always speak verbally to hearing audience because I am the messenger to conceive those that want to know more about what they want to learn.

Your questioning why Tim Riker use his verbal communication to the hearing group does bring up of why you have that concern and please explain to us why you need to know.

You provoking as usual?

My own Opinion,

John F. Egbert


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